How to Feel Okay

“Listen to someone else. Just sit there and let them talk it out. Absorb their words and consider them, really think them through. Don’t interject or try to steer the conversation back around to yourself or your own problems or anything, just listen. Make the conscious effort to understand another human being. It’s harder than it sounds but it will change you.

Say what you want to say. If you want to say no to something, say no to it and see what happens. If you want to say yes to something, say yes to it and see what happens. Take note of the magnitude of the actual result of saying no or yes in comparison with your initial expectation of the magnitude. It’s probably not as serious as you thought. The world is probably still happening.”


About handshedown

Keighley Perkins is a Cardiff-based poet whose influences include Anis Mojgani, Selima Hill and Richard Brautigan. Her work has previously been published in "Acumen", "Elbow Room", "Erbacce", "Fire", "Northwind" and "Obsessed with Pipework". She can also be found online on Twitter at @handshedown. View all posts by handshedown

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